Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Please Note:
The CSD is enforcing CC&Rs and following up on complaints received, however, to protect the safety of the staff and residents we will only be following up on cases that can be viewed from the street. CSD staff are not permitted to enter a resident’s home or rear yard.

CC&R Fact Sheet

CC&R Fact Sheet

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are contractual limitations on property owners' rights. These restrictions are placed on the property deed, recorded with the county, and made a condition of the lot purchase. The restrictions pass to subsequent owners.

In 1983, El Dorado Hills voters passed a ballot measure giving the El Dorado Hills CSD authority to enforce CC&Rs. Included was an assessment of up to $10 per year per parcel to fund CSD enforcement of the CC&Rs. The CSD enforces two-thirds of more than 104 sets of CC&Rs in El Dorado Hills. A map of the villages can be found here.

The volume of CC&R violations recently has required the CSD Board of Directors to establish new priorities for enforcing the CC&Rs, to maximize use of the resources available to provide this service to the public. The District would like to work with El Dorado Hills residents in promoting "Cooperation, Caring and Respect" for their fellow neighbors by ensuring compliance with the CC&Rs.

Neighborhood CC&R Volunteers Needed

Are you concerned with safety issues and property values in your neighborhood? Do you disagree with the "rules" (also known as CC&Rs) in your neighborhood, wishing they more/less lenient? Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish there was a way to do something"? Well, there is. At meetings once a month, a group of concerned El Dorado Hills property owners, known as the CC&R Citizens Advisory Committee, discusses and acts on topics pertinent to living with CC&Rs. Three people from each village may serve on the committee. At this time only half the villages are represented on the CC&R Committee, but ideally, every village should have a voice. If you have the desire to represent your village, or don't know the name of your village, call 916-614-3201. (Excerpt from Village Life)

The Board of Directors appointed the Citizen Advisory Committee(CAC) to promote and encourage volunteer compliance within the villages. Each village can have up to three volunteers. There are currently vacancies on the committee. View CC&R Advisory Committee Village Roster of Vacancies


County Links to Compliance Information

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