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El Dorado Dance Academy

Ages 2 1/2 - 4 years
El Dorado Dance Academy is offering classes via Zoom or in person. If you wish to attend in person classes you will need to register directly through El Dorado Dance Academy (916) 933-0034 or click here. All classes offered through EDHCSD will be offered via Zoom.

Ages 2 1/2 - 4
This NEW class offering is a fun introduction to Hip-Hop for youngsters! This unique program is a 45-minute class that teaches children different movement skills and coordination techniques while having a great time! Whether they fly like airplanes, learn rhythms from around the world, or become jungle animals, you can be sure they will use their imagination! Some of the skills studied include gross motor skills, handeye coordination along with building self-esteem, stage presence and the ability to interact with other children in a structured setting.

Creative Movement
Ages 3-4
EDHCSD’s most popular class for beginning dancers! Creative Movement is a fun way for young dancers to explore ballet class structure while allowing for individual creativity, set to children’s music. This 45-minute lesson provides the basis for young beginning dancers by introducing bodily coordination, stretch exercises, rhythm and basic terminology. Creative Movement increases enthusiasm for learning through music, dance and dramatic exercises where children improve self-awareness and build motivation by fostering group participation in the dance classroom.

Combination: Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Ages 4-6
Combo is a popular class that uses both classical and funky kid’s music with energetic movement introducing the fun of ballet and American theatrical dance forms of Tap and Jazz! Get all three for a great price, this class emphasizes enjoyment, showmanship, and foundational techniques so that your child can plié, shuffle flap, or kick ball change their way to stardom!

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