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KydZonE eXtreme
Summer Camp

May 29-August 13

BACK for 2019: It's Summer Mash-Up....

Where two weekly themes collide and your imagination gets to run wild. Be fully prepared for a summer with all the right ingredients for fun and memories.  The KydZonE Parent Packet is available here

This program is the perfect way for your child to spend their summer!
• Convenient Weekly Sessions . . . Register only for the weeks you need.
• Three options…
          1)Weekly session WITH the Field Trip (spaces limited)
          2)Weekly session WITHOUT the Field Trip
          3)Daily session (No Field Trip Option Available) 
• One and a-half-hours of daily swimming. (We can also escort your child to and from CSD swim lessons for which they may be registered) 
• Age Group Camps with specially planned age-appropriate activities by grade
• Fun Fridays: Dress to match the weekly theme and participate in wacky activities! 
• Well-trained, friendly, finger-printed, CPR and First Aid Certified Staff (1:10 staff:child ratio) 
• Awesome planned activities including challenging and fun crafts, cooperative games and contests, nature activities, cooking projects, exercises, outdoor play and much more!

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View our KydZone eXtreme Summer Line-Up and Register Online

*Before registering your child for this week of camp please check when they start their new school year.
BUSD stucents go back to school on 8/7 and RUSD's first day of school is 8/14.


Monday-Friday • 8:30am - 5pm*
Extended hours:  Early Bird and Twilight camps are offered before and after regular camp hours for FREE. Hours: 7am-6pm
Early Bird campers can arrive as early at 7am.  Twlight camp provides care until 6pm.

*All campers should arrive at camp no later than 8:30am in order to be here for announcements, schedule and rules.



• Weeks should be purchased no later than Friday at noon prior to the week you want your child to attend.
$192/week WITH Field Trip (Field Trip Waiver)
$162/Week WITHOUT Field Trip
$45/Day with 24-hr advance Pre-Registration
$55/Day without 24-hr advance Registration

KydZonE eXtreme Summer Special Events

Every Friday is FUN FRIDAY! Dress up to match the weekly theme and compete for a prize!
June 6-7 & July 19-20: KydZonE Sleepover
June 14: Kids vs. Staff basketball game              
July 12: Kids Talent Show
July 26: KZ Idol (staff Talent Show)
August 2:  End of Summer Family Celebration

Registerparents night



We strongly suggest you register your child as early as you can for each session as this program fills quickly. You may register for as many sessions as you desire at one time. If the session you are interested in is full, please request to be placed on the waiting list. Space occasionally becomes available and we will fill the space from the waiting list. Space is on first come, first served basis only. No space is held in upcoming sessions for currently enrolled participants, and no child will be enrolled until full payment is received. You can register at the CSD, over the phone, or online at . Please note: We will NOT accept faxed emergency cards, or emergency cards printed from your home computer, you MUST sign and fill out our cardstock emergency cards at the CSD. If you child is registered for a field trip, you must also fill out the Field Trip Waiver.


Camp is for children entering 1st - 6th Grade
Children MUST have COMPLETED Kindergarten in order to attend camp. If your child is ages 5-6 your must bring in a copy of the child's Kindergarten report card to verify they have completed Kindergarten and are entering 1st grade BEFORE you can register. NO EXCEPTIONS. Online registration is NOT available for 5-6 year olds. Transitional/Jr. Kindergarten and private kindergarten do not meet this requirement. You may fax the report card to 916-941-1627 or email to and once we receive the report card, we can register you over the phone.


Weekly Camp Cancellation/Transfer Policy
Cancellation or transfer requests must be made 5 business days prior to the begining of the registered week. 
$30 cancellation fee per week with field trip
$5 transfer/refund fee per week
Daily Camp Cancellation/Transfer Policy
Cancellation or transfer requests must be made 5 business days prior to the begining of the registered day.
$5 cancellation or transfer fee per day per camper.


Q & A's

What time can I bring my child to Camp?
Regular Camp Hours begin at 8:30 am. Children will be accepted in the program as early as 7:00am for no additional charge. In order to start camp promptly, we do request you send your child as close to start time (8:30am) as possible and highly encourage that your camper is here no later than 8:45am. Parents/Guardians MUST come into the building to sign their children into the program upon arrival each day. 

• Allow yourself fifteen minutes each Monday to ensure all of the appropriate paperwork has been completed for that week.
• Up to 175 children may be attending camp at the same time (8:30am – 5:00pm), so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to find parking, and make your way into the building.

What time can I pick up my child from Camp?
Camp ends at 5:00pm but children can be picked up as late as 6:00pm. Parents/Guardians must come into the building to sign their children out of the program each day. If a child is left after 6:00 p.m. there will be an LATE FEE of $1/minute added after 6:05 p.m. due at pick-up time. Please Note: In the event your child(ren) is left at the KZ program and no parent or emergency contact can be reached by 6:45p, KZ staff may call the El Dorado County Sheriffs Department and will release custody of that/those child(ren) to the Sheriffs Dept. Children will only be released to their parents/guardians or persons listed on the child's ER form. If a parent wishes for someone else to pick up their child, a written note must be given to KydZonE staff and that person must show photo identification when picking up the child. If your child is involved in a situation in which a particular person may not pick them up, please alert the KydZonE program supervisor.

What should my child wear and bring to Camp?
Proper Camp attire should be worn daily (i.e. comfortable “play clothes”) as campers will be active, and may participate in messy activities. Expensive clothing is strongly discouraged. Active shoes are required. (No sandals or open toed shoes.) 

Please be sure to send your child with the following items in addition to appropriate attire and shoes:
• Two snacks and a Sack Lunch - If you are sending your child with money to purchase snacks at our snack bar, (vending machine is OFF LIMITS during camp hours) be sure to send appropriate change (no large bills).
• Beach Towel
• Sunscreen
• KZ Shirt on Wednesdays for Field Trip if registered for the week WITH the trip
Please write your child's name on towels, clothes, and lunch boxes. EDHCSD is not responsible for any lost items. Lost and found will be donated to charity at the end of each month so please check it frequently.
*Please do NOT bring any toys, nail polish, trading cards, cell phones, electronic equipment, make-up, or other personal items. If found, these items will be held in the supervisor’s office until a parent picks them up.
*Cell Phones: Please note, we do not allow cell phones in the program… if you need to speak with your child you can call camp directly. Please speak with Program Supervisor for exceptions.

Do you provide lunch or snacks?
We do not provide lunch or snacks. On special days we will have a cooking project where your child will be offered a yummy treat.  It is strongly recommended that you pack a snack for your child to eat in the morning and in the afternoon. There is a snack bar that is available during scheduled times. If you send your child with money, please note that it is their responsibility to keep track of what they bring. We are not responsible for any lost items and/or money. Please send your child with small increments, and not large bills. Also note that there is no refrigeration or microwave!

What if my child is sick?
Please be considerate of other kids and do not bring your sick child to camp. We will not accept your child at KydZonE eXtreme when illness is evident.  If illness occurs while a child is at camp, a staff member will call a parent or emergency contact to pick them up. If a contagious illness is in your household, please tell a staff member so other parents can be notified to watch for symptoms.  Please keep your child’s emergency form current at all times so we may contact you immediately in the event of an illness or emergency.

What if my child needs to take regular medications?
Medications will be kept in a designated first aid cabinet in the KZ Office in its original container. Children may not keep medications of any type in their backpacks or cubbies.  We cannot be responsible for administering medications.  We can remind the child when to take it and help them with getting it out of the container if needed.   We cannot allow a child to take any medication, (Tylenol, inhaler, cough drops, prescriptions, etc.), unless written instructions are signed and dated by the parent/guardian and given to a KZ staff member.

When do the kids go to the pool & is there supervision?
KZ participants swim in the Community Pool each day from 12:00pm – 1:30pm. Each child will have a disposable wristband, which will identify them as a KZ participant. A KZ staff member will be stationed at the only pool exit for the entirety of pool time. Children who do not wish to swim at pool time will be offered various age appropriate activities to do on the pool deck, and grassy areas near the pool. If you have concerns about your child’s swimming abilities, please speak with your child’s age group leader and special arrangements will be made. Children who do not follow pool rules or staff/lifeguard instructions may be prohibited from swimming. Along with the regular staff of lifeguards, KZ staff members are stationed around the pool and supervise the children that are in the pool. 

Can you assist with making sure my child has plenty of sunscreen?
KydZonE staff cannot be responsible for providing or applying sunscreen to participants.  Staff will remind children to apply sunscreen daily and will encourage the children to help each other when applying the sunscreen and supervise the children while they are applying it to ensure they are well protected.  Staff will not apply sunscreen to any child for any reason.  Please make sure to adequately apply sunscreen to your child each morning.

Does KydZone offer Field Trips?
Each Wednesday* (one week is a Thursday trip), campers registered for the week of camp WITH the field trip will be on an awesome adventure to a new Field Trip destination. (See the chart above for a detailed listing of available field trips.) We will have a limited number of field trip spots each week and will not be able to over enroll. If you would like to ensure that your camper attends ALL of our field trips, we recommend you register early as we assume the spots will go quickly. If your child doesn’t want to go on the trip, or you choose not to register your child for the week of camp with the trip, we will provide alternative care here for them and they will still swim. Most trips leave promptly, right after camp starts, so it is important that your child be on time- no later than 8:30am. We do not hold the buses for children who are late. Children who miss the bus will not be able to attend the field trip. There are no refunds for children who miss the bus on field trip days. All children attending the field trip must ride the bus. Parents may not transport children to attend the field trip. Also, parents may not ride the bus with campers. If a parent would like to attend the trip, they may, with prior approval from Program Supervisor, as long as they purchase their own admission, and provide their own transportation. must be completed and signed. 

Do I need to purchase a KydZone Field Trip T-Shirt?
Participants MUST wear their KydZonE eXtreme Summer Day Camp t-shirt on field trips. Participants will need to purchase one of our bright orange t-shirts to wear each Wednesday.  If a participant arrives on the day of a field trip without their camp shirt, their parent / guardian will be charged $15 for a new shirt, due at the time of pick-up.  If you have a bright orange shirt from a prior year, you will not need to purchase a new one.

What are Fun Fridays?
Every Friday, we encourage campers to “dress-up” according to the weekly themes (dressing up is optional.) We will also have special activities on “Fun Fridays” in which participants will have an opportunity to choose from assorted activities.

Can my child be escorted to swim lessons or CSD soccer lessons at the park?
If your child has been registered for swim lessons here at the CSD Pool or soccer camp at the CSD Park we can escort your child to and from lessons/camp but you must sign up on the clipboards at the check-in tables EVERY DAY they have a lesson/camp. Please Note: We will not be able to do so on Wednesdays when we will be on our Weekly Field Trips, no refunds will be given for the days when lessons are missed due to field trips.

Who are the teenagers that help at KydZone?
During the summer session, KydZonE eXtreme is fortunate to have Recreation Leaders in Training who assist with the fun during KZ camp hours.  LiTs are 7th grade old and older, have been fingerprinted for a DOJ background check, and attend weekly training sessions. LiTs will assist staff with daily program duties and provide a much welcomed “play buddy” to many of the children in the KZ program. LiTs are not considered part of the staff/child ratio and therefore, do not supervise the children without the assistance of KZ staff.


KydZone eXtreme Summer Camp Discipline Policy

All children deserve the opportunity to participate in a safe, friendly and respectful Summer Day Camp atmosphere. In order to accomplish this, we have developed a standards set of rules and consequences.
First Stage: Verbal Warning Recreation Leader will discuss the problem with the camper, one-on-one.
Second Stage: Cool Off Period If camper is still causing problems; a “cool-off” period will be assigned to the camper so they can take time to think what they can do differently to make sure these behaviors do not continue.
Third Stage: Camp Director’s Office If problems persist after the “cool-off period” has been served; the camper may be taken to the Camp Director’s office for a conference. A behavior report* or a behavior agreement may be filled out and will need a parent signature. This Behavior Report* will be filed in the KZe Office and will be tracked all summer. Fourth Stage: Parent Phone Call A parent or guardian may be called for a conference with the Camp Director and any other appropriate staff. The child may be sent home for the remainder of the day.
Fifth Stage: Expulsion from day camp may occur. No refund will be given.

Please note the action taken may vary depending on the severity of the behavior and is subject to the discretion of the program director. In addition to the rules listed in the behavior guidelines, a child may be dismissed from the program for the following reasons:
1. Non-Cooperation or not following staff’s instructions
2. Physical or verbal abuse of another child or staff member
3. Fighting of any type
4. Lack of cooperation by parent/guardian

*Behavior Reports: During our Summer Camp Program, once a child receives their third behavior report there will need to be a Parent Conference. At which point the Camp Director, camper and parent will discuss a plan to make the child more successful in our program. Our goal is to keep every child in camp and make them successful. If camper continues to have behavioral problems, and continues to receive behavior reports, the consequences are as follows: 4th Behavior Report: Parent called, child must be picked up immediately, child cannot attend the rest of the camp week.*
5th Behavior Report: One week suspension from camp* 6th Behavior Report: Camp expulsion. Camper cannot return to camp for one full year.* *In these instances, no refunds will be given for weeks already purchased.

In order for all of our participants to be successful this summer, we will be going over Behavior Guidelines each Monday morning to start the new week of camp. Please read the following guidelines we have set, and understand when dealing with behavioral problems, we will be constructive, and use the following techniques:
- Using limits that are fair, consistently applied, appropriate, and understandable for your child’s level
- Providing your child with reasons for limits
- Giving positively worded directions
- Modeling and redirecting your child to acceptable behavior
- Arranging equipment, materials, activities and schedules in a way that promotes desirable behavior
- Helping your child to constructively express his/her feelings and frustrations to resolve conflict 

KydZonE Behavior Guidelines
1. Keep your body parts to yourself.
2. Try all activities offered at least once.
3. Take care of our equipment so we can play with it forever.
4. Have fun with staff and kids by respecting them.
5. Pay attention so you always know what’s going on.
6. Play & play, but clean up afterwards.
7. Having fun means being safe, so stay off the bleachers & equipment.
8. Only positive words, PLEASE!
9. Stay with the group so they don’t miss you. * Don’t forget a bathroom pass *
10. Have FUN!!

The behavior guidelines are designed for the safety and enjoyment of the program. The following action will be taken should a child’s behavior be deemed inappropriate, disruptive, or dangerous. The staff will also write children up for any of these instances in our Behavior Folder. If the same problems continue to occur, KZ Staff members and supervisors will speak with parents. Rewards System KydZonE believes in rewarding positive behavior. We use a variety of positive reinforcement techniques to encourage participants that display good behavior. If you have any questions about this, please see a Recreation Leader.

For questions or comments about KydZonE program call the Registration Office at 916-933-6624 or the Program Director at 614-3214.

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