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Bass Lake Survey Results Summary – October 2020 Board Presentation


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Bass Lake Update, April 14, 2020

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Bass Lake History

Project Description
Become a Part of the Long Term Legacy
Park Design Amenities
Bass Lake Angling Survey
Project Milestone Updates

Bass Lake History

Bass Lake is located off of Bass Lake Road north of Highway 50. Bass Lake was formerly known as American Reservoir and was an important part of the Gold Rush era flume/ditch systems in El Dorado County. Water was brought to the American Reservoir (Bass Lake) by a series of flumes/ditches to be used as a water resource for gold mining. From the mid-1850s to the late-1930s American Reservoir was owned by several different water companies that controlled the flumes. In 1938, James Nichol purchased the property to open Bass Lake Resort a local destination for recreation. In 1955, family of James Nichol sold the property to the Jannke family. In 1962, the first references to Bass Lake Dam appear in the State of California Department of Water Resources records. El Dorado Irrigation District purchased the property in 1969 and has owned the property since that time.

For more history of Bass Lake and the Gold Rush, we recommend reading "Bass Lake A Gold Rush Artifact" by John Thomson.
Bass Lake A Gold Rush Artifact

Project Description

The wildlife and natural sounds out at Bass Lake Regional Park are simply amazing. Visitors will have the opportunity to bird watch, and possibly see a golden eagle nesting. Deer and jack rabbits will be out grazing and bugs will be busy working in their natural spaces. EDHCSD is dedicated to preserving it. The flora and fauna found in our backyard is what we want visitors to learn and enjoy at Bass Lake Regional Park.

Bass Lake Regional Park includes a beautiful lake with a natural corridor for wildlife, and we want to make sure that the space is used wisely and that people know about it.

El Dorado Hills CSD (EDHCSD) sees Bass Lake Regional Park as a community asset. We want families, kids, schools and anyone in the area or region to come out and experience the park setting on the west side of the lake, the active ballpark, and the dog park. The trail will connect the west side of the park to the east side. The east side of the park will be more passive. EDHCSD envisions picnic areas along the trails with a possible disk golf area in the vicinity.

The Bass Lake property spans over 200 acres and consists of four parcels. The District has aquired the 142-acre parcel from the Rescue Union School District and is in the process of acquiring the additional parcels.

Become Part of the Long-Term Legacy 


EDH Promise Foundation's role in the Bass Lake Regional Park project is to help with fundraising and engaging stakeholders that have desires and opinions on how this fantastic property should be used in the future. In partnership with EDHCSD, EDH Promise Foundation has volunteers, and partners including El Dorado Community Foundation developing a fundraising plan for this project. Get engaged and become part of this long-term legacy. Become part of the solution on how to best utilize the fantastic resources at Bass Lake. Wetland studies and biological assessments are needed to help us better understand the flora and fauna, and how to best protect it.

Then we will utilize those studies to determine how to educate the community and the visitors at Bass Lake Regional Park. If you're a retired biologist or teacher, EDH Promise Foundation is looking for you to help develop the educational materials at Bass Lake! These will all require funding, so partners and stakeholders are needed to complete this project too. Get engaged and become part of this long-term legacy.

Visit the EDH Promise Foundation website to volunteer or donate today!

Project Design Amenities

Serrano J Lot H Park Development at Bass Lake


Click here for the larger drawing and the full park concept design.


  • Multi-Use Trails with shade structures along the trail
  • All abilities playground and Tot Lot
  • Boardwalk along the Shoreline
  • Fishing Dock & Ramp
  • 18 Hole Disc Golf Course with access road and parking
  • Four Bocce Courts
  • Two Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Picnic shelters and a group shade structure with BBQs and Tables
  • Large and small breed dog park

Outdoor Enrichment & Education

  • 3000 sq ft Multi-Purpose Education Center
  • Interpretive signs
  • Conservation of wetland areas

Athletic Fields

  • Lighted multi-use fields (including use for soccer, rugby, lacrosse)
  • Soccer Field
  • Existing Sellwood Field
  • Lighted Baseball Field
  • Lighted Softball Field

Park Infrastructure

  • Restroom
  • Maintenance Yard

Bass Lake Angling Survey

In April and May, 2020 EDHCSD, EL Dorado County Fish & Game volunteers, and Oak Ridge Fishing Club conducted an angling survey at Bass Lake. The survey summary can be found here.

Fishing Analysis


Project Milestone Updates

Upcoming Milestones

Current                  Continuation of early concept engagement meetings

Current                  Negotiations with El Dorado County for 42 acre parcel

Current                  Estimated Closing of escrow for 16 acres owned by El Dorado Irrigation District

Current                  Soliciting proposals for Traffic and Environmental Studies

Current                  Targeted communications with stakeholders

Completed Milestones

08/2017               District enters into Purchase and Sale Agreement for the 16 acre parcel owned by El Dorado Irrigation District

09/2017               Phase I and Phase II Environmental Study Completed for 3240 Bass Lake Road

10/2017               Phase II Environmental Study Completed for 3240 Bass Lake Road

09/2018               Phase I Concept Design Complete

12/2018               Acquisition of Rescue Union School District Property

03/2019               Traffic Study Submitted to El Dorado County Department of Transportation

03/2019               Phase II Concept Design Revision Complete

04/2019               El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Approved Surplus of 42 Acre Parcel; the District is negotiating with El Dorado County for transfer

04/2019               District Board of Directors approves the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation as the Bass Lake Park Project proponent and fundraiser

09/2019               District Parks and Planning Committee reviews Serrano Village J Lot H - Bass Lake Regional Park Concept Design and Cost Estimate