Park, Project & Facility Updates

Community Park Playground Renovation Coming Spring 2020:

2020 playground renovation


Promontory Park Softball Fields Laser Leveling:

In February 2020, the two softball fields at Promontory Park were laser leveled by District contractor, Delta Blue Grass Company. Laser leveling helps provide a safer playing surface and assist with drainage after weather events. The fields are back open and ready for an exciting softball season.
2020 softball field leveling 1

2020 softball field leveling 2

2020 softball field leveling 3


Governor Park Pedestrian Bridge:

In November, repairs to the Governor Park pedestrian bridge were completed by the Enhancement division of Brightview Landscape. Work included new decking, railings and a fresh coat of paint.
2019 fall govenor park bridge


Lake Forest Park Bocce Ball Court Resurfacing Project:

In November 2019, Hemington Landscape Services installed new artificial turf to the Bocce Ball court at Lake Forest Park. The old turf had been severely worn due to usage and weather. The new turf will provide better playability to the residents of El Dorado Hills".
2019 fall bocce ball resurface


Bertelsen Park Pavilion Painting Project:

During the week of September 30, 2019, Oak Hills Painting out of El Dorado Hills was on-site at Bertelsen Park completing the painting and rehab project of the pavilion area. This project was funded through the district's deferred maintenance funds. The pavilion is back open to the public as of October 5, 2019.

2019 bertelsen park painting1

2019 bertelsen park painting2

2019 bertelsen park painting3


Lake Forest Park Fiber

During the month of August at Lake Forest Park, contractors and staff were busy completing several deferred maintenance projects at Lake Forest Park. Projects included the painting of various tubular steel fences, tree maintenance, and replenishment of the playground fiber.

lake forest playground fiber

Promontory Community Park Synthetic Field Renovation

Beginning July 1, 2019, the Promontory Community Park Synthetic Field Renovation began. It is anticipated that the overall project will take about 2 to 2 ½ months (July 1 - mid-September, 2019). KYA Group is the contractor onsite completing the work. Below is an update on the progress made so far and what the week ahead looks like, along with a few photos of the project's progress:

The past 2 weeks (July 1 - July 12)
·         Field was closed for construction to begin on 07/01/2019; demolition of
          the existing turf started.
·         The removal was completed in record time. The existing turf and infill
          was hauled off with 18 semi-trucks and was completed within a few
          days (two weeks had been allotted for this task!).
·         Temporary fencing was delivered and staged on 07/05/2019.
·         Adhesive, seaming tape and underlayment shock pad have been delivered.
·         Field lining has been routed and approved by all user groups and turf

For the week of July 15-19
·         For the week ahead, percolation (soils drainage) tests are scheduled to take
          place to determine any drainage issues with existing base. If all stays on
          schedule, the next week will include:

For the week of July 22-26
·         String-lining, base repairs, and possibly beginning shock pad installation in
           preparation for turf delivery and installation.

2019 promontory park 01

"Grand Plug-in" Celebration

Join us for the Grand Re-opening Celebration, Wednesday, June 19, 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Through our Energy Savings Project, EDHCSD has put in 30,634 square feet of solar panels, and we are excited to share the details along with the staggering anticipated savings with you!

El Dorado Hills Community Services District is completing a sustainability project providing solar and LED lighting upgrades to District parks and facilities.

Solar Shade Structures have been installed in El Dorado Hills Community Park and Promontory Park, Solar Thermal has been installed at Community Pool, and LED lighting upgrades have been completed at many District facilities.

Click here to see the notice.

Asphalt and ADA Renovations Project

In coordination with the 2018 Energy Project, the EDH Community Park Asphalt and ADA Renovations Project is well underway. Thank you for your patience while this work has progressed.

Slurry and striping of all asphalt surfaces was completed June 15, 2019. Extensive portions of concrete identified for replacement have been removed and re-poured. Walkway removal and replacement with ADA compliant walkways have been completed.

Removal of the plants from the median islands located in the parking lot area between the Pavilion and Teen Center is complete. Drought-tolerant/zero-scape landscaping has been installed in these areas to support our efforts in the way of sustainability as well as being low-maintenance.

Harvard Pavilion ADA Access

New Slurry and Curbs Painted 2

Pavilion Lot Slurry-Stripe

2019 Sustainability Project Updates

Updates for the week of June 17-21

Projects are winding up on the 2019 Sustainability project. Punch list items continued to be completed this past week and will wrap up at Community Pakr on Tuesday. Additional utility connections and detailed items will be addressed at Promontory as well. One of the most noticable improvements this past week was the asphalt resealing and restriping. Things just look better with a new coat of paint!

Being just two short days away from our GRAND PLUG-IN EVENT on Wednesday, the work that you will see around Community Park will be:

 1)      Preparation for pouring concrete bases for the north parking light poles

2)      Sod installation at the Community Pool.

3)      Minor parking lot stall impacts to allow completion of the remaining striping and electrical tie-ins.

4)      Installation of a handrail on the north side of the Pavilion.

5)      Installation of ADA required signage.

6)      Finishing touches on the medians with the last load of bark.

7)      Prepping the barked lot area for our GRAND PLUG-IN and Food Trucks.

All parking is has opened, except for those few areas where work will be taking place. The Harvard gate is now open 24/7 now that school is out.

Trenching rock

Light Pole Drilling

Median Islands Prep for Bark

Pool Thermal Complete


Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Park, Project & Facility Accomplishments   

Sustainability Project - Solar Shade Structures, Solar Thermal for Community Park Pool, LED Lighting Replacements
ADA and Asphalt Renovations
Promontory Bocce Ball Court Shade
Tree Replacement at Deputy Jeff Mitchell Field
New York Creek Connector Bridge
District-wide Key Conversion
CAB Renovations





On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, electrostatic painting was completed by Magna-Kote Painting at Kalithea Park on the tubular steel fencing surrounding the west side of the park.

parks make life better

Keep your eye out for an opening of a new District park this year!