2018 Youth Summer Camps

We've got a huge selection of summer camps this year!

• Art Camps • Theater, Dance & Fashion Camps

Engineering/STEM Camps •  Athletic CampsTennis Camps 

 • Preschool Summer Camp

• KydZonE extreme Summer Day Camp




Fine Art Camp
Age 8-13
Monday-Thursday • 9-1pm • $106
June 11 - June 14  or
July 9 - July 12
Jackson Elementary, Ruppel Center   

Experience the wonderful world of art and creativity! Young artist will learn hands-on techniques and expand their creative knowledge in sketching, painting, watercolor, fabric art, charcoal, pastels, foil art, cartooning and much more. Studies include abstract, landscapes, animals, surrealism, realism and famous artists. Our final project is an art show exhibiting our masterpieces. Dress for mess and bring a sack lunch. Please bring $25 supply fee to first class. Instructor: Suzanne Bell

Art Exploration Camp
Ages 5-10
Monday-Thursday • 9-1pm • $115
June 25 - June 28 or
July 16 - July 19  or
July 23 - July 26
Jackson Elementary, Ruppel Center   
Children will create different projects each week as they explore a variety of art mediums, including watercolor, oil pastel, painting, sketching, and multi-media. Projects will be integrated with songs, stories, cartooning, science, history and information about famous illustrators. Students will enjoy every moment of these hands on classes where they will put their creativity and imagination to work! Bring a sack lunch and $30 supply fee payable to instructor at first class. Instructor: Janelle Brewer

Firefly Art

Ages 5-12
Monday - Friday • $249*  (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $234)
July 23 - July 27 9am-2pm

Oak Meadow Elementary School Gym
Congrats! You've won the golden ticket! You're on your way to explore Mr. Fantastic's Candy Factory! We've got bubbles, shaving cream, paint, paper-mâché, and glitter watercolor; all the makings of messy camp! We can't wait for you to join us as we create art from sugary inspiration to complete masterpiece. We'll also be exploring one famous artist each day, challenging ourselves to weave their artistic styles into our creations. A "frosted" starry night? Yes, please! We hope you can join us for the SWEETEST camp available this summer!

Chess Camp

Ages 6-12
Monday - Thursday • $120

July 23 - July 26 9:30am-12pm

CSD Pavilion
Develop your understanding of the King of Games. Perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their skills. Chess is fun and exciting with benefits that go beyond the board itself.


Theater Arts Camp

Ages 8-18  • $206

June 18 - June 22
Jackson Elementary Ruppel Center

Students will improve verbal and non-verbal expression while understanding how to play different characters and roles. Drama provides a framework for greater competence in listening, speaking, reading, writing and creative and critical thinking. Students will take part in improvisation work, games, scenes, and monologues. The final project will be a live performance for parents, family and friends on Friday, June 22 @ 2pm. Please have students bring a snack and lunch each day. Instructor: Ingrid Wilson, Elly Award winner and former professional Actress with Screen Actors Guild

summer dance 2016

Summer Dance Camps 2018!
Ages 6-12  • $185
M-Th  • 9am-12pm
July 16-19 Summer Dance Experience (EDDA South, 3921 Sandstone Dr. #4)
Presented by El Dorado Dance Academy
Come dance with us in a week full of fun and adventure! Learn dance technique and have fun making new friends and great memories, learning different styles of dance including Ballet/ Lyrical, Hip-Hop/Jazz, and Musical Theater! Dancers of all levels are welcome and will have a chance to perform what they have learned in our mini showcase at the end of the week. All Summer Camps will culminate in an exciting “In House Performance” on Thursday at 12 noon. Bring cameras and flowers! Dress code on website: www.eldoradodance.com

Ages 8-17  • $250
M-Th  • 10am-2pm
June 11-14, June 25-28, or July 16-19
CSD Norm Rowett Pavilion
Fashion enthusiast get to explore the fashion industry from original inspiration research, fashion sketching, fabrics and trim sourcing to sewing a garment and doing a finale fashion photoshoot and presentation of their designs. 2018 Fashion Camp students will be apart of the KIDS CREATE FASHION SHOW at the end of July 2018. Sewers of all levels welcome, projects will be based on prior experience. Please bring $35 materials and fabric fee to the first meeting payable to instructor and a sack lunch each day.
Jaleh Naasz has a MFA in Fashion design, is the owner of custom fashion brand, Isabel Azam and has been teaching fashion at the college level for the last 11 years. www.isabelazam.com  Instagram: Isabel Azam, Reviews: yelp.com/biz/isabel-azam-lafayette




LEGO® WeDo GeoBots Robotics Challenge
Age 6-8  • $126/4 classes
July 9-12 • 9am-12pm
CSD Pavilion, 1021 Harvard Way

Creative playing is constant learning. Robotics provides an experiential learning environment that is also fun. Let your child explore the world of GeoBots - robots that define Land, Water, Air and Space. Students will learn to build with motors, sensors, axles, wheels, and gears while building up to tow models a day. (The students will NOT be able to take any of their LEGO creations). The students will then program their incredible creations to perform various behaviors using a GUI (Graphical User Interface)-based language. Let your child get a better understanding of STEM subjects while building 21st-century skills. Please bring $20 material fee to first class.

Robotics Game Play with LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3
Age 8-14  • $126/4 classes
July 9-12 • 2-5pm 
CSD Pavilion, 1021 Harvard Way
Robotics is a fun way to learn engineering concepts and for the first time, the students will use EV3, the third generation of LEGO Mindstorms robots. This summer camp poses various game play challenges – following complex lines, sorting colored balls, wrestling sumo-bots and solving mazes, to name a few. These activities will challenge both experienced students and beginners alike. Student teams will build LEGO Mindstorms EV3 mobile robots and program them using a graphical user interface. They will use sensors to solve the various challenges. (The students will NOT be able to take any of their LEGO creations). On the final day, students will showcase their competitive Sumo-bots. This camp is designed to help students develop the 21st-century, creative-thinking, problem- solving, teamwork and communication skills required for success in school and beyond. Let your child have fun while getting a head start in engineering and robotics. Please bring $20 material fee to first class.


Age 7-12  • $359*/5 classes (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $334)
June 11-15 • 9am-2pm
Oak Meadow Elementary School Gym
Shift your child's love of LEGO into the next gear!
Campers will build and program LEGO robots to think, move, and react through a series of automation challenges. Campers use dedicated laptops and LEGO WEDO robotics kits to learn several aspects of engineering: automation, problem-solving, and programming. While LEGO robots remain at camp, photos of all robots and LEGO creations are presented at the end of the week, and project photos are sent home after camp.

Short Circuits:  NEW Robot for 2018!
Age 6-7  • $174/5 classes
July 16-20 • 9am-12pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Summer malfunction! The robot world-takeover is happening at Mad Science! Come discover robotics and explore with us as you learn the science behind robots, their uses, artificial intelligence and how we can benefit from them, as humans in everyday life. You may even get to interact with robots like BB-8!!! Throughout this camp, you will build your own robot and take it home at the end of the week! (An additional fee of $20 for materials and your robot kit is due at the first day of camp.)

Radical Robots NEW Robot for 2018!
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

July 16-20 1-4pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Robots are taking over! Learn all about robots and how they are used in our world. Perform experiments with cool robots including sound-sensing robots, line-tracking robots, light-sensing robots and even robots that can play soccer! Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. At this camp, you will make your own robot and take it home at the end of the week! Materials fee of $25 (robot kit) is due at the first day of camp.

HoneyCode: Junior
Ages 6-7 • $359*/5 classes (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $334)
June 18-22 9am-2pm
Oak Meadow Elementary Gym
We've got so much to teach your bright buccaneer! Jr. Coders will tackle the building blocks of coding through bots and apps. They'll learn the fundamentals of coding and algorithms through fun and engaging pirate projects on tablets! We hope you can join us for this action-packed intro to coding course. Don't wait - it's anchors away for this special camp!

HoneyCode: Intermediate
Ages 8-12 • $359*/5 classes (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $334)
June 18-22 9am-2pm
Oak Meadow Elementary Gym
Join us for a fun-filled week of computer coding! Intermediate Coders will learn more advanced Scratch coding: such as crating lists and randomizing variables. We'll create mini-games where, for example, we'll send a pirate running through the frame to collect treasure. We'll even make a controller and program it to "talk" with our computer. Be sure to register soon, because it's anchors away for this very special Honeycode Camp!

Become a Coder/Inventor using Raspberry Pi
Ages 11-17  • $285/4 classes

June 18-21 9am-2pm
CSD Norm Rowett Pavilion
Through this fun hands-on workshop, students will master basics of computing and electronics by setting up Raspberry Pi and writing Python code to control electronics. Best part of the workshop is that, using creative brainstorming techniques & Design Thinking, students will generate ideas and implement their project with Raspberry Pi, input sensors and output devices. Project presentations and demo on the last day. Seating limited to 10. Students get to take home the Raspberry Pi kit to continue their innovations.  Instructors: Srilu Uppala & Tarun Rao

Science Rockstars
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

July 23-27 1-4pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Get ready to rock with science and wow the crowd with cool potions and chemical reactions. Grow your won crystals, make sidewalk chalk, and a chromatography t-shirt to keep. Explore how equipment and movement work together to help you enjoy your favorite sports. Then learn all about visual effects in photography and movie-making as we examine how cameras work, how film captures light and stores images, and how filmmakers make images move. Finally, go mad with structures and machines as you build a geodesic dome you can sit inside.

Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 7.02.25 PM

NASA - Journey into Outer Space
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

June 25-29 9am-12pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Mad Science and NASA have teamed up to bring you the excitement and wonder of space in this new voyage of discovery. See the principles of thrust and propulsion at work in a real rocket launch. Explore the atmosphere on earth and beyond. Watch star dust burn, and journey through a galaxy as you investigate the life cycle of stars. Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse in the "mad" planetary tour. Probe the mysteries of meteors and bounce around satellite light as you learn about space phenomena. Experience the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight and then perform spacecraft repairs. This is an experience that is truly out of this world!

Crazy Chemworks
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

July 23-27 9am-12pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Get ready to lose your mind in the vast and exciting world of chemistry! This camp is full of reactions, observations, solutions, suspensions, explosions, concoctions, perplexions, digestions, reflections, and Dalmatians (kidding), just to name a few! You will challenge your friends in the labware game, combat evaporation, be amazed at the awesome power of glue technology and trigger shocking chemical reactions.

Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

June 18-22 1-4pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
An ecological adventure - Campers will find themselves stranded on an island...now what?! Work together using the supplies you have to learn to survive until you are rescued. Create shelters, use water filtration systems, and study the island's animals. Learn how to harness the sun's energy to create solar cookers, communicate with technology, and work as a team! Campers will build daily projects to survive and escape the island. Don't forget your new duct tape flip flops on your journey back home!

Mad Lab
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

June 18-22 9am-12pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
Come to the Mad Lab and go scientifically bonkers with a super cool variety of science topics. In Radical Reactions you'll create gasses, control chemical reactions and even generate power - with chemicals! In Chemical Counting you'll see awesome chemical magic, build model molecules and electroplate coins! In Cell City you'll build models of the inner machinery of cells, unravel DNA and break a secret code. In Birds and the Beasts you'll examine bugs and birds and even what they just ate - yuck! In Organ Trail you'll learn about the amazing YOU from the inside out - from bones to brains to heart and lungs and more!

T-Rex Tracking
Ages 6-12  • $174/5 classes

June 25-29 1-4pm
Brooks Elementary School Gym
What would it be like to be a dinosaur? What would you eat? Where would you live? Whom would you talk to? Join us on our mission to meet the dinosaurs and learn all about their lives and homes. How did animals that big move? What kinds of problems did they have? Grab a shovel, become a paleontologist (dino expert), and help us go dinosaur hunting. Dig up some bones, study their teeth, make impressions and live in their world. You'll learn about the environmental, weather, and volcanic challenges that dinosaurs faced and get some clues as to what might have happened to them. Sure they're old, but never underestimate what something old can tell you!
Early Engineers
Ages 5-12  • $249*/5 classes (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $234)

June 25-29 9am-2pm
Oak Meadow Elementary School Gym
Spy School is in session and it's time to sharpen your super sleuth skills! First, we'll go through laser beam avoidance training. Then, we'll learn to communicate in secret code with the help of a device of our own creation! Of course, no spy school would be complete without building a LEGO spy car. You'll find these projects and so many more this summer at Early Engineers SPY SCHOOL camp; a camp for inventors! We've also got a new building material joining us this summer that the kiddos are going to be obsessed with: LittleBits! LittleBits are magnetic electronic building blocks that empower the inventor in everyone. If you love creating with LEGOs, K'Nex, and circuits then grab your magnifying glass and join us at camp!

Stop Motion
Ages   • $359*/5 classes (*Early Bird Fee till May 14 = $334)

July 16-20 9am-2pm
Oak Meadow Elementary School Gym
Lights, Camera, Minecraft!
Produce a LEGO Minecraft stop-motion animation movie with us this summer! Use LEGO bricks, LEGO minifigures, and video-capture software to bring your LEGO Minecraft dreams to life. Campers will express their creativity by developing stories with different Minecraft characters, backgrounds, and sounds! Here we'll learn how to make characters move naturally on screen, how to add artificial sounds, as well as overlay explosions! Movies produced in camp will be saved on a complimentary USB drive, to share with friends and family after camp!



Kid's & Junior Kayaking Camps
Ages 8-14  • $139

Schedule & Registration
Instructor: Current Adventures Kayak School
Location: Lake Natoma. Please contact (530) 333-9115 for details
SAFE, Fun, Educational. Kids love kayaking and most take to it almost instantly. For over 20 years we've offered these classes as a great way to harness some of their boundless energy and curiosity. Using equipment designed for kids, fun, camaraderie, water safety and outdoor education are our primary goals in these personal, small groups. Kids learn through a variety of games, group activities & exploration for turtles, tadpoles and other critters. Note: Fee includes 10% State Park fee, parking is extra.

Equestrian Day Camp
Ages 7 & up  • $400

Instructor: Malinda Kregoski
Location: Equine Unlimited Inc, 3984 Green Valley Rd., Rescue
Schedule & Registration
Campers are divided into groups, to provide riders with activities appropriate to their skill levels. They will learn to safely groom, tack up and care for their horse or pony. Includes activities that promote goo horsemanship, craft projects and swimming. A list of what to bring is provided at www.equineunl.com.

Kiddie Horse Day Camp
Ages 4-6  • $275

Instructor: Malinda Kregoski
Location: Equine Unlimited Inc, 3984 Green Valley Rd., Rescue
Schedule & Registration
Horse loving boys and girls will be divided into groups, based on their ability and skill levels. Campers will learn to safely groom, tack up and care for their horse or pony. A list of what to bring is provided at www.equineunl.com.


U.K. International Soccer Camp
"The Ultimate Soccer Challenge"
Ages 4-16  • $145-$195

June 11-15 or July 9-13
Registration deadline: 5/25 and 6/29 or when full
Full Day (9am-3pm) & Half Day (9am-12pm)
CSD Community Park
Schedules & Registration
Camp emphasizes fundamental skills for players ages 4-6 and progresses to a more challenging approach on individual skills and techniques for players ages 7-10. Scrimmages will improve technical and tactical knowledge for players 11 and older. Groups are formed according to age. All players must wear shin guards and cleats.

Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 4.53.43 PM


Volleyball Camp
Co-ed Grades 4-8th
June 18-21 • 9-11am • $84
Registration deadline 6/1 or when full
Valley View Elementary School Gym, 1665 Blackstone Parkway

This four day camp introduces the basics to beginner players and advanced techniques and drills for the more experienced player. Taught by experienced instructors and players, this camp is for all levels of players, boys and girls. Camp fee includes a tee-shirt.

Flag Football Boot Camp
June 5-26 • Tuesdays •  $60
Registration deadline 5/25 or when full
Promontory Girls Softball Field

Designed for beginner who desires and introduction to flag football. Experienced staff and coaches will lead participants in concepts of offense and defense including running routes, catching, passing and flag pulling. A scrimmage game will be played during the final week.

flag football camp summer 2018


Designed for the aspiring player with curriculum focusing on: improve stroke technique, balance, footwork, consistency, control, develop a consistent serve and match play confidence. Instructor: Chris Medrano

Quickstart Kids Camp
Ages 6-8  • $100/5 classes
Monday to Friday 9-10am
Promontory Park
Schedules & Registration

Junior Tennis Camp
Ages 9-16  • $200/5 classes
Monday to Friday 10am-12pm
Promontory Park
Schedules & Registration




froggie logo
Preschool Summer Camp

Lil' Campers Day Camp Programs
Ages 3-6 • $145/week, $5/day lunch (12-12:45pm)
Monday-Friday 9am-12pm
Froggie Frontier Preschool/Childcare, 1001 Olson Lane
June 4-8               Down by the Sea
June 11-15            Music Makers
June 18-22           Sports & Games Galore
June 25-29           Animal Planet
July 2-6*              Party in the USA & The Wild, Wild West (*Prorated fee $116)
July 9-13             A Pirate's Life for Me
July 16-20           Art & Science Mania
July 23-27           Rainforest Renegades
July 30-August 3 Kids in the Kitchen



kz logo

It's the Summer Mash-up

Where two weekly themes collide and your imagination gets to run wild. Be fully prepared for a summer with all the right ingredients for fun and memories.

T he perfect way for your child to spend their summer:
• Convenient Weekly Sessions. Register only for the weeks you need!
• Two options…
          1)Weekly session WITH the Field Trip (space limited)
          2)Weekly session WITHOUT the Field Trip
• One and a half hours of daily swimming. (We can also escort your child to and from CSD swim lessons they are registered for) 
• Age Group Camps with specially planned age-appropriate activities 
• Fun Fridays: Dress to match the weekly theme and participate in wacky activities! 
• Well-trained, friendly, finger-printed, CPR and First Aid Certified Staff (1:10 child ratio) 
• Awesome planned activities including challenging and fun crafts, cooperative games and contests, nature activities, cooking projects, exercises, outdoor play and much more!

*Children MUST have COMPLETED Kindergarten in order to attend camp. If your child is age 5-6 you must bring in a copy of the child's Kindergarten report card to verify they are currently enrolled in Kindergarten** and are entering 1st grade. No exceptions. Online registration is not available for 5-6 year olds.
**If you are looking for an option for children entering Kindergarten see our new program, Shiny Shooting Stars below.

Register for KydZonE Online


kydzone 2018 


May 29 - August 3 • Monday-Friday • 8am - 5pm
Extended Hours: Early Bird and Twilight Camps are offered before and after our regular camp hours for FREE!
Early Bird Campers can arrive as early as 7am. Twilight Camp provides care until 6pm.


$190/week with field trip
$160/week without field trip
Please note:
• Only $3.20/hour when your campers are here having fun for up to 10 hours/day!
• Weeks should be purchased no later than Friday at noon prior to the week you want your child to attend.

Cancellation/Transfer Policy
Cancellation or transfer requests must be made 5 business days prior to the beginning of the registered week.
$30 cancellation fee per week with field trip
$5 transfer/refund fee per week

KydZonE eXtreme Daily Summer Camp

All the fun and benefits from our weekly KydZonE eXtreme Summer Day Camp, with the convenience of a daily option. Daily participants will enjoy the same experience as our weekly campers (minus the field trip), but will only pay for the specific days they need (must register 24 hours in advance.)
Please note: Limited number of daily spaces per day, be sure to register early!
Daily Fee: $45 a day with pre-registration,
$55 a day with less than 24-hours advance registration (if space available)
Daily Camp Cancellation/Transfer Policy
Cancellation or transfer requests must be made 5 business days prior to the beginning of the registered day. $5 cancellation or transfer fee per day, per camper.

New Program!

Shiny Shooting Stars
Ages: Must be 5 years old by 9/1/18 & Entering Kindergarten
We have listened to what parents need and want...and have created a brand new option for children who are entering Kindergarten to be a part of our KydZonE eXtreme Summer Day Camp! These newest and youngest campers must be 5 years old by September 1st, 2018 and entering Kindergarten in the 2018-2019 School Year. Our Shiny Shooting Stars will get the full camp experience with their own set of staff helping them rotate throughout the day, alongside our Shooting Stars age group (campers entering 1st grade.) Spaces are extremely limited and can only use the weekly camp, without the field trip. Online registration is not available for this option, as we require a birth certificate prior to registration.
Please Note: Due to the nature of the program, staff will evaluate campers' ability to successfully adapt to our large summer camp environment each week. Parents will be notified if our staff feel the program is not the right fit for their child.
COST:  $180/week, M-F, 7am-6pm
CODE:  220522.01


























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