Youth Programs

Competitive Robotics Boot Camp

LEGO® Mindstorms EV3

Ages 8-14
CSD Norm Rowett Pavilion


Robotics is a fun way to learn engineering concepts and Competitive Robotics not only develops creativity and ingenuity but also enhances a host of soft skills like presentation skills and teamwork.  This boot camp introduces various game play challenges-following complex lines, wrestling sumo-bots and solving mazes, to name a few and extends the basics using an in-depth exploration of competitive robots.  These activities will challenge bothe experienced students and beginners alike. Student teams will build LEGO Mindstroms EV3 mobile robots and program them using graphical user interface.  They will use sensors to solve the various challenges.(the students will NOT be able to take any of their LEGO creations)  On the final day, students will showcase their competitive Sumo-bots.  This camp is designed to help students develop the 21st century, creative-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills required to success in school and beyond.  Let your child have fun while getting a head start engineering and robotics.  Please bring $20 material fee to the first class. (Campers: please bring snacks and lunch)
Lego camp

Chess Camp
Instructor: Folsom Chess Club Coaches
Folsom Chess Club is back to offer classes in El Dorado Hills!  Join this fun and interactive class to learn about this intellectual game.  Visit to send your questions in email.  Please don't forget to bring your chess set!
Beginners: Those who have n
ever played chess before
Intermediate: Those who already know how each chess piece moves.  register

chess camp





Coding Camp

Instuctor: Folsom Chess Club Coaches
Ages 12-16

Introduction to C programming for Middle school and High school students.  It's not a secret that coding skill is 1 of the essential skills that could help in the future careers of the kids nowadays.  Please bring your laptop and have Visual Studio for Microsoft Windows desktop installed (the free/express version is fine).  If you like math and/or chess, it would help.  Our instructors include someone who helped his high school to win championship at coding tournament for the first time, or someone who aced C programming class at community college when she was still in middleschool.  Please email if you have questions.
Coding camp


New! Art on Wheels "Shabby Chic"

Ages 6-12
All of the kids projects are self-esteem based.  Each piece is as unique as the person creating it!  Kids will make many beautiful "Decoupage" projects: "Decoupage" is the art of decorating an object (mirrors, furniture, glass, ect.,) by gluing and mod podge cutouts from magazines, scrapbook paper designs, stickers, quotes ect., and then embellishing them with materials like: gems, fabrics, lace, glitter, flowers, wood, buttons, ribbon, pebbles, paints, and art-n-crafts that create one of a kind pieces!  This series will be all about "decoupaging" such things as:
September: Journals/Diaries
October: Jevelry Boxes/Keepsake and Treasures
November: Mirrors/Self Reflection
December: Reclaimed "Vintage" wood Christmas hanging
$8 Material fee per class for supplies
art on wheels


 Student Enrichment Classes

FireFly Art

Ages K - 5th grade •
Oak Meadow, Silva Valley, Brooks and Jackson Elementary School
Firefly Art is about letting your child's inner artist shine whether your child is the "can't keep enough paper in the house" artist or the "not done until it's perfect" artist! In each class we put memories on paper, encourage taking risks, problem solve, perfect techniques, explore different subjects and inspire each child to SHINE in their own, unique way. Quality art supplies included. BUSD No class: 9/24-9/28, 11/19-11/23 & RUSD No Class: 11/13, 11/20

 Firefly art





Month-Long Math Workouts
Grades 2 - 8 •
Mathnasium, 981 Governor Drive #104, EDH
Twelve 2-hour workout sessions beginning the first week of each month, scheduled at student convenience. Individual custom curriculum based on detailed assessment of math skills. Expert one-on-one instructor provided at the Learning Center. Perfect for catching up or staying ahead of grade level. Materials Fee: $190 (waived with prior Mathnasium assessment)

 math workouts


Grades 9 - 12 •
Mathnasium, 981 Governor Drive #104, EDH
Twelve 2-hour workout sessions beginning the first week of each month, scheduled at student convenience. Individual custom curriculum based on detailed assessment of math skills. Expert one-on-one instruction provided at the Learning Center. Multiple practice tests supervised by Mathnasium instructors. Perfect preparation for standardized math testing. Materials Fee: $190 (waived with prior Mathnasium assessment)

sat and act

Science & Engineering


early engineer

Early Engineers

Ages K - 5th grade • Instructor: Early Engineers Staff
Silva Valley, Oak Meadow, Brooks and Jackson Elementary School
Our kids need the real world skills and experience that can only be gained through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Each week, Early Engineers offers a new building challenge and using a variety of materials, such as Legos, explores a new STEM concept. Early Engineers chooses concepts that would otherwise not be covered until middle, or even high school and aims to familiarize students with these concepts now, so they are confident and willing to engage in the sciences throughout their life!  All supplies are provided.
BUSD No class: 9/24-9/28, 11/12,11/19-11/23 &
RUSD No class: 11/12,11/19

Early engineers


HoneyCode: Codable Ninja Warrior
Grades 3-6 • Instructor: HoneyCode Staff
Oak Meadow Elementary, MP Room

Join us for a new year of BRAND NEW projects! We offer Honeycode because our children need to be creators and not just consumers of technology. As our world becomes increasingly more tech-dependent, the best way to ensure future success is for children to become tech-savvy today. However, we want our students to go beyond being able to teach us how to change the wallpaper on our iPhone! They need to learn the language of technology so that when they grow up, they can create and contribute with the best of them.
No class: 9/24,12/24, 12/31, 1/21/19

NEW!  Chess Academy
Instructors: Chess Academy staff
K-5th grade
At Chess Academy, we don't just play chess, we teach chess!  Our comprehensive program offers multiple levels and all of the classes are led by an instuctor with  new lessons each week.  A typical class consists of an extensive lecture following game-play, where students practice what they've learned each day.  Chess is a wonderful educational opportunity to help build a child's ability to focus and understand the art of strategy at an early age. 
BUSD no class: 9/24-9/28, 11/12, 11/19-11/23 & RUSD No class: 9/27, 11/15, 11/22.






Cooking with Kids
Ages 4-14 • $64/4 classes • CSD Gym Kitchen
Mondays or Wednesdays 4-5pm
Calling all Little Chefs! Join us in the kitchen where we will explore the culinary world through a child's eyes. We work with all fresh/organic ingredients and eat or share our creations. Class features nutrition, kitchen safety and new menus each session. Please bring $35 material fee to first class. Instructor: Little Chef’s World







(916)933-0034 (South Location)
Dress code on website:

Intro/Combination: Ballet/Jazz/Tap

Ages 4-6   Register
Class introduces the American theatrical dance forms of Tap and Jazz, which are distinguished by percussive footwork, the concept of parallel positioning for the feet and exaggerated isolated movements. No Class on 11/20-11/24
intro dance

 Creative Movement

Ages 3-4   Register
Beginning dancers are introduced to coordination, stretch exercises, rhythm and basic terminology through music, dance and dramatic exercises, all which improve self-awareness and build motivation. No classes: 11/20-11/24

creative movement


Ages 5-7  Register
Ballet is one of the world's most timeless and elegant dance arts, where placement of the body, poise and proper alignment are emphasized. This class utilizes appropriate classical terminology and includes barre work, adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro and turns. No classes: 11/20-11/24


Ballet I/ II

Ages 8-12   Register

Learn the appropriate classical terminology and include barre work, adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro and turns. Classes range in level depending on student's ability, and primarily follow the classical Cecchetti method of ballet training, through EDDA instructors are familiar with and will draw from R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) and Vaganova techniques. No classes: 2/19 & 3/26-3/31

ballet I

Ages 5-7   Register
Will have you jumpin', turnin', spinnin', movin' forwards and backwards! The best of urban dance, Hip-Hop is the latest cultural trend on the dance scene.

No classes: 11/20-11/23


Lyrical I
One of the most popular styles of dance.  It is more emotive than jazz, less confined than ballet and it pulls movement vocabulary from modern dance.  It's soft, lyric form is elegant, challenging and fun to explore creative moves that import meaning in every step.  Come enjoy Lyrical dance!  No class on 11/20.


Pre-Teen Jazz I
This popular class uses the funky music and energetic movement vocabularies inherent to jazz on a scale appropriate for this age group.  With a concentration on body alignment, guided stretch and fun combinations, Pre-Teen jazz introduces the concept of parallel positioning for the feet and exaggerated isolated movements for strength, showmanship and foundational techniques for the further study of jazz.  No class 11/23.
Pre-teen Jazz


Special Interest





Fun in the Saddle (Equestrian)
Ages 6 & up • $182/4 classes
Wednesday 4-5:15pm
Learn to ride Western and English while mastering basic horsemanship! Groom, tack, work from the ground, lunge, and ride a well-trained lesson horse. Horse and helmet provided, boots required. Instructor: Malinda Kregoski 

 fun in saddle



Child and Babysitting Safety
Ages 11-15 • $57/2 classes
A course for building a safe and successful babysitting business. Covers getting started, leadership, caregiving, safety & prevention, playtime, and first aid tips. No CPR training in this class, see Babysitting CPR. Please bring $5 (cash) material fee payable to instructor at class.

child and baby

Babysitting CPR
Ages 11-15 • $37

Teaches child & infant CPR. Participation card only for this class. Please bring a $5 (cash) materials fee payable at class.





Tennis Classes

QuickStart Tennis

Ages 6 - 7 • $126/6 meetings
Promontory Community Park

A great introduction to the basic techniques using fun games and an easy to learn lesson curriculum. 
quick start


Little Tennis
Ages 9 - 11 • $126/6 meetings
Promontory Community Park

This level is graduation from QuickStart tennis. Designed to teach solid fundamentals and stroke production with an introduction to match play. Focused on developing a great technique while learning the basics of match play.
little tennis


Junior Development
Ages 12-16 • $126/6 meetings
Promontory Community Park

Designed to teach solid fundamentals and stroke production with an introduction to match play. Focused on developing a great technique while learning the basics. Strategy is taught and players are being prepared for low-level competition.

junior deve

Junior League Match Play
Ages 12-16 • $110/6 meetings
Promontory Community Park
This program is a low pressure, fun way to begin competition match play. A USPTA certified teaching professional will be present each week to help with match play tactics. Champions receive trophies.
Note: Instructor approval required.
Junior Match Play

Junior & High School Tournament Level
Ages 9-16 • $170/6 meetings
Promontory Community Park
Dedicated to the competitive player. Technique, strategy, conditioning and mental toughness will be emphasized as these players work towards their tennis goals. This group is being prepared for the highest level of competition. Note: Instructor approval required.

junior  high school

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