Park, Project & Facility Updates

Promontory Bocce Ball Court Improvement Project Bid Awarded:

Progressive Landscapes has been awarded the project for the Promontory Bocce Ball Court Improvement Project. When announced, the construction start date will be posted on this page.

Murray Homestead Fence Paint

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, El Dorado Hills Girl Scout Troop 32 volunteered their time to paint the fence running parallel to the Amer Way and Aberdeen Lane at Murray Homestead Park. The Community greatly appreciates the time that Troop 32 has spent improving our community and look forward to working with them in the future.


New Fence Paint

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, electrostatic painting was completed by Magna-Kote Painting at Kalithea Park on the tubular steel fencing surrounding the west side of the park. 
kalithea park fence


New Trail Signs and Security Camera

During the first week of November, the El Dorado Hills Community Services District installed permanent trail signage at the trailheads of Falkirk Way and Jackson Walkway designating pedestrian only and multi-use areas along New York Creek Trail. The permanent signage was installed to replace the District's temporary signs that were repeatedly removed or vandalized on the trail over the past several months. The District also installed a security camera intended to protect the permanent trail signage. Removing or tampering with District signage (both temporary and permanent) in any way is considered vandalism. Additional portable cameras may be deployed in the future if needed to address other inappropriate activities occurring at District parks and facilities.
Falkirk Way

Jackson Walkway


New Playground Fiber

This Fall the CSD park maintenance staff have been working to install new playground fiber at both Promontory Community Park and Kalithea Park playgrounds.  Completion of the project has been scheduled for November 10, 2017.
11 2017 playground fiber


Sod Replacement:

In mid-July, Delta Blue Grass Company removed and installed areas of new sod at Allen Lindsey and Kalithea Park. The grass that was removed was severely damaged from the usual high use of youth sports, the adjoining Oak Meadow Elementary School and the past wet winter. The two athletic fields will be playable once soccer season arrives.

sod 1

sod 2


Stephen Harris Tennis Court

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, local tennis players volunteered their time to assist CSD staff in the installation of new wind screens at the park. This was the final upgrade in the renovation of the tennis courts.

tennis court windscreen 1

tennis court windscreen 2


Archery Range Split-Rail Fence
A Community Partnership Project

Project complete!  Over 140 volunteers from the community pitched in to build the fence that now runs along the boundary of the El Dorado Hills archery range.  The CSD would like to especially thank the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, the El Dorado Hills Bowmen, Blue Shield of California, the Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills, Oak Ridge High School Interact Club, and the CSD Board of Directors for their generous support of this project.  The CSD would also like to congratulate the following Eagle Scout candidates who completed their Eagle Scout projects by each organizing and building at least 200 feet of fencing: Aldo Ramirez, Jacob Bassett, Brenden Groess, Tyler Kramer, Ethan Nisbet, and Jacob Lay.  (Picture below contributed by Julie Samrick, Staff Writer for the Mountain Democrat and Village Life.)


New York Creek Trail Updates:

nyc trail banner
New York Creek Trail Input Meeting Results

On June 3, the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (District) hosted a stakeholder meeting for the New York Creek Trail and the associated proposed project. The results from that stakeholder meeting will be posted to the District’s website in the next few days. It should be noted that 64 attendees signed in, with all but 3 listing El Dorado Hills residency. Along with the results of the first stakeholder meeting, there will be notification of the follow-up stakeholder meeting, then a formulation of recommendations to go to the District’s Board of Directors (Board).

To clarify the proposed project, a summary will be provided immediately below. Those desiring to garner additional information should refer to the staff report beginning on page 99 of the February 9, 2017 Board Meeting Packet. Please note that the proposed project is on hold pending stakeholder input, recommendations from the stakeholder process and further Board direction, which will be provided during a public Board Meeting.  For additional information please contact Kevin Loewen, (916) 933-6624.

Proposed Project – On-Hold

  •  Complete design, development and installation of interpretive signage from Harvard Way to the Jackson Bridge Area.
  • Creation of Multi-use trail segment from Jackson Bridge area to St. Andrews by widening and alleviating corners that present low visibility. 
  • Erosion and storm water corrections will be made as needed and permitted.

Please also note that the primary project goal was always the interpretive signage. Preliminary project review of the trail indicated that there were hazards related to narrow pathways and competing uses for pedestrians and bicyclists. With no regular enforcement of the current rule prohibiting bicycling, staff sought to make the trail safer by performing the following improvements:

  • Provide up to an 8’ path. 
  • Clear branches and brush that present hazards to trail users, or which present line of sight issues. 
  • Maintain the natural beauty and “feel” of the trail by retaining features such as swales, rock outcroppings, bisections of the trail by trees/rocks and dense vegetation. 
  • Trail surfacing, such as paving or installation of decomposed granite will not be incorporated, as it would remove the natural trail feature(s) and beauty. 
  • Where trail widening cannot be achieved without adversely affecting the trail features staff would seek alternate paths or additional bisections of the trail.

Some residents have expressed concerns that they believe the District is seeking a prescriptive easement – an easement that would essentially grant passage across the private properties that the trail current traverses. The District has only sought information as to what a prescriptive easement is, and how they are applied. There is no active effort to seek any sort of forced easement, as the District is currently engaging homeowners that have the trail on their property to ascertain their desire on how to resolve such encroachments.

Again, the project is on hold until such time as the stakeholder process has been completed. One very important aspect of the stakeholder process is an online survey tool: FlashVote.

This survey tool utilizes technology that can geographically locate where votes/input are provided from, and because District staff and Board members want to hear from El Dorado Hills residents, this stakeholder element is especially helpful. If you have not already signed up for FlashVote, please utilize this link to join the hundreds that already have: We look forward to input from all El Dorado Hills users of New York Creek Trail.

Segment of Proposed Project Area Property Survey

new york creek trail survey small

NY Creek Trail

Volunteer Project at El Dorado Hills Community Park - Utility Box Painting:

This spring the El Dorado Hills Girl Scout Troop 32 completed the painting of 13 utility boxes in the EDHCSD Community Park.  These utility boxes were in dire need of a fresh coat of paint since the last time they were painted was in the early 1990’s when they were originally installed.  The El Dorado Hills Community Services District wants to thanks Troop 32 for all their hard work and dedication in helping maintain our parks for all to enjoy.
utility box painting

Sellwood Field/Bass Lake Park Road Work:

Thunder Mountain Enterprises has worked to repair the access road to Sellwood Field. Work included profile grading for drainage, remix of aggregate and vibratory compaction. The road was topped off with an environmentally friendly Polymer Stabilized Road Surface (PSRS) to limit dust levels when traveling on the road. Save our road, keep it slow! Speed limit remains at 5 MPH.
2017 bass lake park road work 1

2017 bass lake park road work 2


Archery Range Split-Rail Fence Community Partnership Project

The first sections of the split-rail fence have started going up, compliments of the El Dorado Hills Fire Department.  This project, which will continue through late April, is designed to replace the old wire fencing along the boundary of the archery range.  In the coming weeks additional sections of fencing will be built by volunteers from business and community organizations within the El Dorado Hills community.  Many thanks to participants, including the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, El Dorado Hills Bowmen, Blue Shield of California,  El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills, Oak Ridge High School Interact Club, and Eagle Scout candidates Jacob Bassett, Aldo Ramirez, Brenden Groess, Tyler Kramer, Jacob Lay, Ethan Nisbet, and Nathan McCauley. (Pictured below:  members of EDH Fire A Shift, March 1, 2017.)
archery range fence 1

Phase 3 North Commercial Capital Improvement Project

The phase 3 north commercial capital improvement project is now 80% complete.  To finish the project, shrubs and trees will soon be planted and bark will be spread.
north commercial 1

north commercial 2

north commercial 3

north commercial 4


Jeff Mitchell Field Baseball Painted

Park Maintenance staff and contractors have been working tirelessly preparing for the upcoming baseball season which begins in a matter of weeks. Park and field improvements have taken priority as winter will soon turn to spring. Oak Hills Painting out of El Dorado Hills has just completed a painting project that has brought these concrete baseballs back to life just in time for the season to begin. The painting was very tedious due to the amount of detail that the project included but was completed quickly and on schedule.

painted baseball

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, electrostatic painting was completed by Magna-Kote Painting at Kalithea Park on the tubular steel fencing surrounding the west side of the park.

parks make life better