EDH Promise Foundation
Board of Directors

Allan Priest, President
Sue Hawkes, Vice President
Ryan Jantzen, Treasurer
Wayne Lowery, Secretary
Noelle Mattock, Director
Ben Paulsen, Director
David Morris, Director


EDH Promise Foundation Agenda Packets, Minutes and Archives

2017 EDH Promise Foundation Archive

Meeting Date  Agenda Packets  Minutes
 January 17  Agenda Packet  
 March 21  Agenda Packet  
 May 16  Agenda Packet  
 May 30  Agenda Packet  
 July 18  Agenda Packet  
 September 19  Agenda Packet  

2016 Foundation Archive

Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes
January 19 Agenda Minutes
February 16 Agenda Minutes
March 15 Agenda  
April 19 Agenda Minutes
May 24 Agenda  
July 19 Agenda  
August 16 Agenda  
September 20 Agenda   
October 18  Agenda  
November 7 Agenda   
December 20 Agenda Minutes

2015 Foundation Archive

Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes
January 20 Agenda Minutes
February 17 Agenda Minutes
March 17 Agenda Minutes
April 21 Agenda Minutes
May 19 Agenda Minutes
June 16 Agenda Minutes
July 21 Agenda Minutes
August 18 Agenda  
October 20 Agenda Minutes
November 17 Agenda  Minutes

2014 Foundation Archive

Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes
 January 28  Agenda  Minutes
 February 18  Agenda  Minutes
 March 18  Agenda  Minutes
 April 15  Agenda  Minutes
 May 20  Agenda  Minutes
 June 17  Agenda  Minutes
 July 15  Agenda No Minutes/Quorum
 August 19  Agenda August 19
September 16  Agenda September 16
October 21  Agenda October 21
November 18  Agenda November 18
December 16   Agenda No meeting/No Quorum

2013 Foundation Archive

Meeting Date    
June 27 Agenda Minutes
August 19 Agenda Minutes
September 24 Agenda Minutes
October 22 Agenda Minutes
November 12 Agenda Minutes
December 17 Agenda Minutes



EDH Promise Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

The EDH Promise Foundation meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm in the Parks Conference Room.