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Wildfire Prevention Tips

Plan two ways out of your neighborhood and designate a meeting place.

About the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD)

The El Dorado Hills Community Services District was formed on May 21, 1962 by County Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 98-62 and under Government Code §61600 as an independent special district. The CSD serves a large, densely developed suburban population located east of the Sacramento County Line and mostly north of Highway 50. Major access roads/inhabited corridors include Highway 50, El Dorado Hills Boulevard, Silva Valley Parkway, Green Valley Road, Francisco Drive, Salmon Falls Road, Bass Lake Road and Latrobe Road. The EDHCSD boundary encompasses approximately 28 square miles (14,400 acres) and the District serves the most populated community in the county.

The CSD owns and manages over 294 acres of land including 138 acres of parks and 127 acres of open space. Fifteen of our parks remain undeveloped, while work on new parks continues. We have a full time staff of  26 park and recreation professionals and support staff, in addition to over 150 part time and seasonal employees. Our annual budget is over $8 million.

Mission Vision and Core Values
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Sphere of Influence

The area within our current Community Services District and sphere of influence is about 31,108 acres, or approximately 48,606 square miles. Our sphere of influence includes areas that may be considered for annexation to the District, or may be amended from time to time by the El Dorado County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO.)


The physical characteristics of the CSD offer tremendous opportunities for recreation. Much of El Dorado Hills consists of gently rolling to steep terrain, and because flat ground is rare and there are few opportunities for traditional parklands with large turf areas.

Two major north-south trending ridgelines form two long valleys that drain to New York Creek (the American River Watershed) as it flows north to Folsom Lake. From approximately Harvard Way, the two valleys drain south to the Cosumnes River Watershed. Residential development has occurred throughout the area on all but the steepest hillsides, which remain as open space and contribute to the rural character of the community.

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Summer Brings So Much CSD Fun!

“Healthy” and “bountiful” are my words to describe the vast array of quality programs offered inside the expanded issue of the El Dorado Hills CSD’s Summer 2015 Rec Guide! Expanded in that for the first time we are very proud to include a centerfold pullout of sorts of our Annual Report. Within this publication you will be enticed to experience many of our quality personal enrichment programs, activities and events. As you look ahead to the coming months of amazing opportunities to get involved in something artsy, inspirational, educational or recreational, you will also have the chance to reflect back over the past year through the lenses of your CSD to be reminded of the bounty of projects and initiatives that were accomplished in the spirit of true community service. 2015 is a year promising loads of fun for the CSD as we celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Community Park as she was opened and dedicated for El Dorado Hills 25 years ago. Keep a close eye on our website in the coming months to stay apprised of the celebratory spotlight as it shines across the different facilities and events of Community Park. Have a fun and safe summer! Love your parks!

-Brent Dennis, General Manager 




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Senior Center Info


Learn more about our Senior Center located at 990 Lassen Lane in El Dorado Hills

Did You Know?

El Dorado Hills is 765 feet above sea level.

Halloween Safety Tips (copy)

Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you.